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Simple user research tools for modern design teams

Getting feedback from customers shouldn’t be so hard. Bridge makes it easy for teams to validate prototypes and iterate quickly by making it ridiculously simple to build tests and reach out to customers.

Build your test

Create multi-step experiments using prototypes with multiple choice questions, click tests, and more.

Share your results

Test results are beautifully displayed on a page that can be shared with anyone by just giving them the link.

Recruit your testers

Send a link to your customers to complete the test or recruit people using our Mechanical Turk integration.

Take a look inside Bridge

Every team knows they should be iterating quickly by reaching out to customers for feedback. But the reality is that it’s too hard. Let’s change that.

Create your own panel of testers

Build a list of people who have opted-in to testing your product. See when they last completed a test and easily send tests to groups of users that match filters.

Conduct usability testing

Confirm design decisions with multiple choice and short answer questions, click tests, sentiment, and rating tests.

Test real prototypes

Test user flows using Sketch, Figma, Invision, and web prototypes. Give users a task, see how many people were able to complete it, and how long it took.

Qualify testers

Create pre-questionnaires to prime testers and build context before a test. You can see all of the people who have been qualified in your panel.

Mechanical Turk integration

Mechanical Turk is used by professional user researchers to source participants. Recruit testers from around the world to complete your tests with a few clicks.

Collect metrics and share results

Share the results of experiments in a beautifully formatted page. See how many users got the right answer, how long they spent, and where they clicked.

Invite your team

Invite people on your team to so everyone can follow along and they can see all past research.

Organize with projects

Group your experiments into projects so they map 1:1 with what’s in your roadmap. Add links to briefs and research plans.

Add branding to your tests

Upload your company logo, write custom copy, or set a URL to send users to when they’ve completed your experiment.

Collect demographics once

Collect demographic information from users only if you haven’t collected it before, so participants can get to the important work faster.

Key insights and recommendations

Summarize your findings on the results page and provide recommendations so your team can quickly understand the results and the next steps.

Ask follow up questions

Ask testers to elaborate on their answers or give feedback on your test so you can hone in on why they make choices.

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We’re currently building out these features and working with early access customers to shape the direction of the product.


While we’re in beta Bridge is free to use. You’ll still need to pay for any responses from Mechanical Turk and they start from 50¢/response.

We’ll also have a Business plan which will include features designed for larger teams that will let you test with your own users.

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